After earning her PhD, Dr. Jacobs taught neurology, neuroanatomy and human physiology at the Hogeschool Enschede in The Netherlands and was a visiting lecturer at multiple other Physical Therapy programs in The Netherlands.  She also had the opportunity to assist in developing a public program and research line for Parkinson’s Disease studies and assisted in graduate student projects at the University of Twente. While living in the Netherlands, Dr. Jacobs edited and contributed to the 1st edition of the textbook, NeuroScience: Fundamentals for Rehabilitation.


Upon returning to the United States, Dr. Jacobs began teaching continuing education courses through The Dogwood Institute and became one of the founders of the Peninsula Stroke Association (now Pacific Stroke Association) where she served as the Executive Director during the first three years of the fledgling non-profit organization.  She developed all of the programs and has spoken with hundreds of small groups to teach about the warning signs of stroke and the potential of post-stroke rehabilitation. 


Pursuing her love of teaching, Dr. Jacobs sought out opportunities as a clinical instructor at Pacific University in Oregon, University of California San Francisco, and University of Indiana.  At the same time, building her private practice – SensoMotor Neurological Rehabilitation, LLC.  Recently, she has provided consultation to companies developing robotics, bionics, and orthotics for neurological rehabilitation.  


It is with this diverse background and an ever-burgeoning love of neuroscience, that Dr. Jacobs wrote her book "Highs, lows and plateaus".  This book is an attempt to bridge the gap between medicine, rehabilitation, basic science research and the stroke survivor. 

A friend in graduate school once dubbed her as “The Librarian”, because of her voracious appetite for reading research and neuroscience text books in her spare time and then knowing which reference to bring into a conversation at any give time.  The goal of the book is to bridge the gap by creating a useful and easily understandable connection for the reader. Recovery from neurological injury is a long, long road with highs, lows, and plateaus – but each day is a new day toward reaching one’s goal.   

Anne Burleigh Jacobs PT, PhD, graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy in 1985 and a Doctorate in Neuroscience and Physiology in 1995.  As a licensed Physical Therapist, she has worked in private hospitals, university hospitals, nursing homes, home-care settings and in her own private clinic.  During graduate school she had many amazing opportunities. While at the R.S. Dow Neurological Sciences Institute in Portland Oregon, she was exposed to rat spinal cord preparations, single cell thalamic recordings in raccoons, spinal cat locomotor studies, and human balance studies.  In addition to her own research under Fay Horak, PT, PhD at the R.S. Dow Neurological Institute in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Jacobs was also able to study at multiple laboratories including the Biomechanics Laboratory in Waterloo, Canada; Queens Square Neurology Hospital in London, England; and Clinical Wintersol in Tenerife, Spain.  


Dr. Anne burleigh Jacobs

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